During pregnancy your body goes through a multitude of changes, which include:

  • A change in your centre of gravity due to the growth of the baby
  • Hormonal changes that cause your ligaments to become more mobile
  • Changes in muscle tone and strength and a loss of core stability
  • Pelvic floor/incontinence issues

  • No two pregnancies are the same. We pride ourselves on catering to the unique demands that pregnancy places on our clients. Our practical and proven techniques can help you tackle these complaints head on.


  • Lower Back pain
  • Back, Neck and Coccyx pain
  • Sacro-Iliac joint problems / Pelvic Pain
  • Rib pain
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Sciatica
  • Pubic Symphysis pain (groin pain)
  • Rectus Diastasis (Separation of the Abdominal muscles)
  • Pre and Post Natal rehabilitation and fitness
  • Post Caesarean rehabilitation and management
  • Headaches
  • Pelvic Floor/Continence issues
  • Breast conditions such as blocked ducts or obstructive mastitis
  • Post Gynaecological/Abdominal surgery rehabilitation and management
  • Carpal tunnel and wrist pain

  • At Plus One Wellbeing we work closely with other health professionals to ensure the best outcomes in your pregnancy and beyond. We take a holistic approach, considering your overall wellbeing so you can put more energy into yourself and your family.

    We recommend seeking treatment at the initial onset of symptoms to promote good outcomes. However, even in the later stages of pregnancy we can assist you in feeling more comfortable.

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