Our experienced physiotherapists will carry out an assessment of your body alignment and muscle function before prescribing an individually tailored programme. We will be with you all the way to offer advice, hands-on treatment and prescribed exercise.

We will take time to clearly explain our findings and will frequently check your progress to aid your improvement. Because your time as a mother is precious, we place emphasis on education and self-management of your injury – so you can put more energy into yourself and your family.

Our tailored exercise plans and guided rehabilitation instruction are provided electronically and at no extra charge via MyPhysioRehab, so you can manage your own recovery, between appointments.

We are happy to work closely with any other health professionals you may be seeing – to ensure the best outcomes in your pregnancy.

Read below for our approach to some common complaints:

Low back and pelvic pain are common in pregnancy, so much in fact that there is often the misconception that it is a normal part of pregnancy. We feel that you should not put up with it!

At Plus One Wellbeing we will assess you thoroughly and put together a treatment plan, with the aim of reducing and managing your symptoms. Even in the later stages of pregnancy we can assist you in feeling more comfortable.

Studies show if you have suffered from back pain in previous pregnancies then you have an increased risk of it recurring, so being proactive and seeking treatment now may help you in the future.

It is very important to exercise safely while pregnant and we can help you find the correct way to do this. All of our Physiotherapists have a keen interest in this area and are passionate about assisting women in returning to fitness after pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy can help manage injury and can also help you return to your pre pregnancy form.

We are happy to provide an assessment and advice prior to you returning to post pregnancy activities.

We provide programmes and packages for ante-natal and post-natal exercise, and we offer an electronic rehabilitation programme that can be accessed online anytime and at no extra cost.

Our clinic is situated in a facility that also features a top-class exercise studio, which is available to clients when required.

Understandably many mums-to-be feel the need for some TLC, but during pregnancy they need to be sure they are in safe hands. At Plus One Wellbeing you can feel secure in the knowledge that your pregnancy massage is being carried out by specialist physiotherapists.

Pregnancy massage is a popular treatment choice as it can help alleviate pressure on your joints and muscles, increase circulation, decrease swelling, provide some stress-relief and improve wellbeing.

Consult your LMC or speak to our team to see if pregnancy massage is right for you.

A healthy pelvic floor is essential for women to maintain bladder control and core stability and can even assist in labour.

Weak, poorly toned pelvic floor muscles can lead to many problems including incontinence, lower back/pelvic pain, reduced sexual response and reduced sporting performance

Research shows, one in three women who have had a baby will suffer from incontinence at some stage in their lives. The good news is, like any other muscle, the pelvic floor responds to regular exercise. Research shows that with the correct tailored exercise programme it is possible to reduce or completely overcome the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor, regardless of age.

We can teach you the skills and exercises required to strengthen this often over looked but essential part of your body.

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