When should I make an appointment with a Physiotherapist?
The earlier you start treatment and supporting exercises, the sooner you may experience relief and avoid longer term issues.
If you are experiencing pain or discomfort at any stage in your pregnancy then it is important to speak with your LMC. Our Physiotherapists will refer you back to your LMC if they feel your symptoms do not relate to a musculoskeletal cause. Please see the WE_TREAT page for a comprehensive list of conditions we treat.

Do I need a referral to see a Physiotherapist at Plus One Wellbeing?
No, you do not need a referral. However, referrals from your GP or LMC are welcome.

Is it normal to have back/pelvic pain during pregnancy?
While pain during pregnancy may be common, it should not be dismissed as normal.
Our team of experienced physiotherapists can offer you the expert assessment, treatment and advice you need.

What conditions do you treat?
We treat a variety of conditions. Please see the WE_TREAT page for a comprehensive list.

Will my treatment be covered by ACC?
Treatments related to specific accidents/ incidents may be covered.
Please discuss with your Physiotherapist at your appointment.
Please note that if you are covered by ACC your treatment is not fully funded and there will be a surcharge.

Do you provide Pregnancy massage?
Yes, massage can be very relaxing during pregnancy. By choosing a Physiotherapist you will be in experienced and expert hands. The cause of your symptoms can also be assessed to ensure we are treating the cause for longer term relief.

How long are the sessions?
We advise that you set aside up to one hour for your first assessment and up to 45 minutes for your follow up appointments.

How frequently will I need to attend Physiotherapy appointments?
Each woman responds differently to physiotherapy, results depend on age, fitness and the severity of the condition. Sometimes a single session is sufficient to treat you and give you advice on self management; however we do see some women throughout their pregnancy. We also encourage women to return for a Post Natal appointment to ensure full resolution of problems.

Can I see a Physiotherapist at Plus One Wellbeing after my baby’s birth?
Yes. Even if you did not have the need for treatment during your pregnancy, some women may experience pain or discomfort after the birth. This may be related to breastfeeding, birth issues from the labour or from the physical demands of caring for your baby.
We encourage women to make an appointment for an assessment at their earliest convenience.

Can I bring my baby / children?
At Plus One Wellbeing, we provide family friendly rooms with a special space for young children and toys. Some women prefer to use treatment time as quiet time away but if you do need to bring children or a support person we are more than happy to accommodate this.

I am not on the North Shore. Where should I go for pregnancy related physio treatments?
We are located just 7 minutes from the Harbour Bridge so our services are easily accessible to clients based on the city side. Our clinic has free parking and easy pram access.

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